While stallions get the most attention on many farms, we fully recognize the importance of the brood mare’s contribution to a foal’s genetics and growth and development.  At Crosswinds Farm, we breed for composition and for the highest quality horse possible for halter and performance interests of miniature horse enthusiasts.  Thus, you will see a variety of colorations and types among our broodmares.  Each year, we use our knowledge of equine reproduction, the results of past breedings, and the bloodlines of both mares and stallions to produce the best foals possible in all respects.  While we are conscious of the types most popular at any given time, we know that this changes over time, so at Crosswinds we are always thinking about the future, and we want our horses and the horses that we sell to clients to always be competitive in any arena.. 

Currently, bloodlines among our broodmares include Glenns General Patton, Buckeroo, NFCs Sugar Boy, and Bond ATOY4U C,  among others.  Brood mares are an important part of our breeding program, and they are individually inspected and handled on a daily basis.  During most of the year, they are allowed to graze on bermuda and native prairie grass pastures.  Before foaling, they are placed in foaling stalls where they are monitored on a 24-hour basis.

Our broodmare band is constantly being upgraded through selecting from our own foals as well as purchasing others that have a proven record or the physical characteristics and pedigree to enhance the quality of our program.

Mothers and babies at Crosswinds get to be "horses" and to develop personalities and bodies that will make them mothers with healthy and alert babies.

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